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Zero waste tips and tricks

Waste materials inevitably do harm the environment in many ways. Practically speaking, wastes harm the environment in every way possible. Like waste food increases the flies and unhygienic conditions of the neighbourhood and welcomes more and more diseases. This is just simple example. There are numerous examples to given.

Saves the climate

Reusing and Recycling products may decrease the demand of production of materials. So, the energy will be saved and the emissions of gases (that comes from production) will be decreased much. Reusing plastic bottles at home may decrease the need to buy new ones. If many people do the same, the overall production will come down and hence the emission of carbon gases.

Meets Hunger

This is very amazing point to consider. If you can minimize food waste that means you should cook what is needed and more than that. You should buy or order in a restaurant the amount of food you can eat. If you can maintain that there will be less or no wasting of foods. This will either decrease the demand to grow more crops or saves enough food for those who cannot get food. Actually, when there will be need of less food, there will automatically decrease of food prices in the market and many poor people can afford to buy foods. Thus, the availability of foods will increase much. This is very important point as it is pivotal in adopting zero waste lifestyle as well as saves you enough money.

Zero Waste in Bathroom

Every day you produce a lot of non biodegradable waste while in bathroom. For an instance, plastic cotton buds. For removing make up, you waste a lot of water. You keep the water tap open while you remove your make up. You can easily buy reusable make up remover pads which comes handy in a bamboo jar. You can wash them and reuse them in the future. More over they are so handy and so easy to carry that you can use them in public toilet. You can also use them for facial cleansing. Use those cotton buds that are made up of bamboo stick. Bamboo is such plant that grow a meter in a night, hence, making it one of the most environmentally friendly product to use. Saving a lot of water ultimately means saving your money and energy. Use those cosmetics that comes in bamboo jar. If you choose bamboo jar/container over plastic ones, then, you can encourage others to do so. This way many people will start choosing bamboo jars and ultimately there will be decrease in demand of plastic containers. Hence the whole society can go plastic free and renders sustainable development.

Therefore the emissions of carbon gases that are produced during production of plastics will be reduced much and air quality may get better. This will ultimately bring respiratory troubles down.

No to Landfills

Have you ever visited landfills? Do you know what landfills contain? Landfills are a big patch of land that are reserved for dumping wastes of various kinds. Landfills are full of those wastes which are non biodegradable like plastic. Even organic wastes like left-over foods are also present. These wasted foods bring different vectors like flies and these flies are responsible to spread various kinds of diseases. Again the plastic wastes may release harmful chemicals which ultimately contaminate the land and the surrounding are and the government or authority can never use the land in the future. Many plastic which are very light can move and get lodge into the nearby water body like ponds, lakes, rivers, and ultimately do harm to the marine ecosystem.

Thus, adopting zero waste lifestyle by producing waste at home is one of the biggest factor of bringing sustainable living and not harming the environment. Recycling and reusing bottles and other objects like clothes or making zero waste in bathroom by using reusable make up remover pads are some of the pivotal points which you can do in a very simple way and that too can save you money.

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