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Plastic-free alternatives – green cosmetics!

Every day your beauty routine consists of plastic. You’ve retained Most of the cosmetics in plastic jars along with your make up brush, cotton buds, etc are all made up of plastics. You bought them with lots of cash and you think that they are worthy. Now here is the truth. You have spent a great deal of cash to buy some toxic substances that you use and rub on your skin daily. You keep powder and skin creme in plastic mixing them together with several compounds. You cannot even imagine to just how many diseases you are already likely.

However, what is the solution? The answer is to make your daily beauty Routine vinyl free. Here are some tips to make.

Bamboo is quite eco friendly product. As it can grow really fast ( can Be one meter in one night) and it is not non bio degradable. Now a days many cosmetics are available in bamboo jar that are extremely sophisticated to look. You should purchase those makeup that comes in bamboo containers. They’re very elegant to look as well as the most eco friendly product.

Buy Cosmetic made up of Bamboo

You can easily purchase bamboo made cosmetic products from online as well As offline sector. For cases, you are able to purchase bamboo made cotton buds. Even the make up brush is also available in pine. These are benign to your skin and also environmentally friendly product. Many lipstick and eyeliners can be found in bamboo. They are easy to get in online marketplace and offline market. You can replace vinyl produced cosmetic product with bamboo produced merchandise. I can guarantee you that you make up desk could eventually become elegant looking.

Use Reusable in your beauty regimen

Been finished. Wash them properly and make them dry under solar heat. Then keep something distinct in that container. It is possible to use them for facial cleansing and for removing makeup daily. You may simply wash them and reuse them every day. They come in very handy bamboo jar. They are not as expensive and save you money in the long run.
Make up your mind and inform your vendor
Just reading this article will not do. You must make your mind prepared To go towards bamboo produced products. Read them and create your remarks. Take an oath that you will encourage sustainable development and start replacing plastic goods with bamboo produced products. Don’t throw off the plastic containers as you encourage no plastic waste. You can also inform the business or sellers of the closest stores that you need bamboo made products then they could bring more for you.

Do some social sharing concerning this topic and let’s know about The bamboo solutions. Tell your friends to use bamboo products and reusable make up remover pads so they are also able to enjoy the identical advantage of plastic makeup. You can purchase a few empty bamboo containers and use them to keep any cosmetic products. They may be available in online market. With elegant looking and finest ending, these containers would be the components of beauty routine of following generation. Together with these feel and look of those products, these can save you a great deal of money and give sustainable living in the near future.

So, from today onwards, do plastic free makeup and say no to plastic waste.

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